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Hog Roasts are becoming increasingly popular.

We favour joint roasts as they don't have so much waste, can be cooked on a rolling schedule so freshly cooked meat can be available over a prolonged period, and are more flexible regarding the number of people to be served.

Prices start at £5.50 per person

We can supply just the meat, ready for you to serve, or we can cook the meat at your venue and serve it and the accompanying salad etc. to your guests. The plates we supply are real crockery and the cutlery is metal.

Barbecues are always a favourite in the summer months and even in the winter for such as Guy Fawkes Night or Halloween.  We can supply the meat for you to cook and sundries such as bread, salads and desserts, or, if you don't have access to the right equipment to cook for a large gathering we can do the whole thing for you.  It goes without saying that the meats we supply will be tasty and competitively priced.

Prices start at £5.50 per person

As with Hog Roasts, the crockery and cutlery we supply are the real thing!

Whatever you decide you can rest assured that you and your guests will be well fed with tasty food without the need for you to rob a bank.